Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is the legal entity of the school and is responsible for financial and legal matters; it oversees the corporate functioning of the school. The board consists of parents, faculty, and community members who are committed to the school’s mission and vision.

To contact the HWS Board president please email:

Tim Spurrier,
Administrative Director

Tim comes to Honolulu Waldorf School with a diverse background in communication, business, and education. During his career in education, he has served as head of school, an elementary and middle school teacher, a university instructor, and as a consultant for charter and independent schools. Tim holds a Doctorate in Education from the University of New England, an MA in Educational Leadership from Central Michigan and an MA and BS in Communication from Towson University. He holds a certified in Early Childhood Education and Elementary Education. Tim was awarded a Klingenstein Fellowship to Columbia University for Head of Schools for 2020.

In addition to education, Tim was the CEO of a marketing company that focused on equestrian products, events, television production, and real estate development. He also served as an Army officer on active duty and in the reserves. Tim loves horses, running, football, hiking, traveling, hanging out with his family, and playing with his dachshund, Pepe. He is married to his artist and teacher wife Myrna, and the proud dad of three grown children, Craig, Ben, and former HWS student, Emily.


Treasurer, HWS Parent


President, HWS Parent

Erika Takahashi, HWS alumni '86-'88 and mother to two children. She was raised on the windward side of East Oahu and was able to attend HWS because of financial aide during her Jr. High School years. The two years she attended HWS really impacted her and that is why she volunteers with so much gratitude.

After high school and some college she decided to live in Tokyo, Japan, for six years. There she was able to experience the city life of Harajuku, and build a strong relationship with her family of creatives. She has had the opportunity to experience many types of education styles (Catholic All girls school, HWS and DOE High school) as well as different ways of doing things when she lived in Tokyo. She came back to Hawai'i in 2000 to attend Hawaii Pacific University, where she majored in Business.

She comes from a family of artists and appreciates the time and energy it takes to create things and knows to relish every moment along the process. In her spare time you can find Erika with her family at the beach, planning a get together with friends, planning a trip to see other parts of our planet, or crafting something.

Randy Aaberg,

Randy Aaberg is a retired physician who has had a life long interest in supporting Waldorf education. His three children attended the Honolulu Waldorf School and his wife Lynn was a teacher for many years. Prior to arriving in Hawaii he helped start and nurture the Corvallis Waldorf School in Oregon. He has served on other non-profit boards for Waldorf Schools and hospital systems and volunteered at several organizations in the community. He credits Waldorf education with making him a better physician and enriching his family life.


Nicole Knapp-Weber
Director, Grades Faculty Department Chair, HWS Parent

Dr. Barbara Lee, Psy. D.
Director, HWS Student Support Advisor

Lauren Paer,

For the past several years, my focus has been on how screens are affecting children’s cognitive, emotional, social and academic development. I’m passionate about raising awareness of the negative effects of excessive consumption and helping parents, schools and governments come up with workable solutions for tech balance and tech-lite childhood.

 It was through the topic of screen time that I connected with Waldorf, whose philosophy on the increasingly important issues of technology and media I am strongly aligned with. I admire Waldorf for being one of the few schools to resist the pressure to bring technology into elementary classrooms. I love Waldorf's commitment to protecting the innocence of childhood and policy of asking parents to keep children away from overstimulating, dense media content during the school week so as not to disrupt their absorption of school lessons. Even great teachers’ rich stories cannot compete with the fast-paced, vibrant video so many children regularly consume via tvs, smartphones and computers.

 I believe that the culture around screens Waldorf has created is invaluable to students and parents alike- and is unique among Hawaii private schools. Many parents have confided in me how difficult it is to impose screen time rules when that goes against the norms of their child’s school friends.  

I have a show on Think Tech Hawaii called Screen Time Reset on the topic where I bring on teachers, parents and students to talk about the problems caused by excessive screen time and potential solutions. I brought on two teachers from HSW on my second episode, which can be found on Youtube, to talk about the advantages a Waldorf education confers to children in the digital age. I have also worked with Hawaii State Senator Ruderman on legislation to create a public health campaign to better inform the public about the negative effects of excess screen time. And I have led workshops for Waldorf parents on the topic.

 I was born and raised on Oahu and graduated from Punahou School. Before turning my attention to screen time, I worked in economics and finance. I studied economics at the University of Pennslyvania and have worked at the New York Federal Reserve, a New York hedge fund and Goldman Sachs. I currently serve on HWS’ finance committee.


Michele Shetland,
Co-Director, Early Childhood Department Chair, HWS Parent


Cindy Sydow
Co-Director, Early Childhood Department Chair


Gretchen Valentin,
Board Member, HWS Parent Hui Chair, HWS Parent