Is Waldorf an art school?


Creativity is not an extra or elective at HWS. It's part of everything we do. That said, we are not an art school, and students do not need to be excellent artists to thrive here. We emphasize active involvement, intellectual rigor, and creative consideration across the curriculum, whether in the sciences and mathematics, or in literature and history. As part of our program, all students take courses in the visual arts, music, and movement, and these subjects are designed to enhance skills of thinking, engineering, and problem-solving. Waldorf is experiential, and learning from experience requires creativity and the appreciation of beauty, no matter the field of study.


Is Waldorf a Christian school?


HWS honors students of all backgrounds and faiths. We are not affiliated with any particular tradition and do not promote any one faith or religious worldview. Our curriculum seeks to bring about the recognition and understanding of the world's cultures and religions. Students learn a variety of songs, stories, and philosophies from many traditions, including material from the ancient world.


Do students take any tests like the SATs?


HWS students have a proven record of doing well on standardized tests, and our students have been accepted to excellent colleges and universities in both the United States and other countries. We believe that being smart is not just about an SAT score. Increasingly, colleges and universities agree. Most schools are interested in the whole student and what s/he would bring to their academic programs and add to the quality of their campus life, and some institutions have gotten rid of the standardized test application requirement altogether. Even so, the SAT and ACT remain a key part of the application process for many schools. We encourage our students to pursue independent or external preparation for standardized tests, which is coordinated through our college counseling program.