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Special Subjects

Japanese Students' Visit To Our School

Honolulu Waldorf High School Japanese classes hosted ten students and two chaperones from Gotsu High School in Shimane Prefecture, Japan. Upon their arrival, Kumu Wong’s hula class students greeted them with handmade lei. Juniors Sean McDonough, Niko Powell, and Alexsi Wong gave the students a tour of the campus that included a visit to the clay class, where seniors were completing their self-portrait busts. The Gotsu High School students broke into groups, and our juniors had a chance to practice their Japanese language skills with them. At lunch, each Gotsu High School student was assigned a "buddy" from an HWS Japanese class. The "buddies" ate lunch together and attended Japanese class. The visitors later attended Kumu Wong’s Hawaiian Ensemble class in which they learned how to greet someone in Hawaiian, how to play three chords on the ukulele, and how to dance hula. It was a rewarding experience for all concerned. HWS students were able to develop confidence in their ability to communicate in Japanese, and, we hope, were inspired to learn more.


KGMB Clip on Knitting

Local television station KGMB takes a look at Honolulu Waldorf's unique emphasis on handwork, knitting in particular, and the role it plays in our students' development.

Music across the grades

Music lessons are taught by both the main class teachers and by special subjects music teachers. Singing is an integral component of all classroom activity in the Early Childhood and Grades curriculum.


Samples of Studio Arts


Samples of Special Subjects

Images include samples of handwork, language class activities and athletics.