Day of The Dead 2018

Aloha Teachers and Class Parent Representatives,

As you may know, our annual Day of the Dead celebration will be held this week Friday, November 2, 2018 in the Niu Hall and Grades Classrooms.  There will also an evening Performance on Friday night.  

This email is intended to bring each class (teachers and parents) at Grade level onto the same page for Fridays happenings.  Kat will be sending out an invitation to the entire HWS community.  This email is specific to classroom happenings. 

For Grades 1-8 (
Early Childhood does not participate in this event): 

Traditional Day of the Dead bread needs to be baked for each class as well as Mexican hot chocolate made.  This should be overseen by the class parent reps.  Bread Kits  and the chocolate are provided in the Niu Main office.  Please know, this is an active yeast recipe and will need time to rise. Hot chocolate can be made at home and brought back to school for the morning of the performance in a thermal type container if possible. Thursday there is no school, so kits should be picked up asap. They are available now. If you are NOT the person baking or making hot chocolate, please secure someone to hand the task off to.  If you need support in this, please email for assistance asap.


Friday, November 2:  


7:15am:  Call time for performers:  Come dressed, so that prep is only face paint and flowers.  

8:15am:  Niu Hall  Morning Performance for Grades 1-8 

*Grades will then convene back in the classroom for hot chocolate and traditional bread.  The 7th and 8th Grade students will deliver the hot chocolate.  The bread should be in the classrooms.


5:00pm:  Call time Girls:  Girls should be dressed and ready for hair braiding and facepainting.

5:30pm:  Call time for Boys and Musicians for face painting (6,7,8 graders if not Spanish Students, will be providing song and music accompaniment, concert attire)  

4 loaves of Bread and Hot Chocolate will need to be provided for this performance also.  So far, we have Frances Altwies volunteering 2 loaves, Michele Carr baking 1 more.  We will need 1 more loaf for evening, please email if you can do this.  Gretchen Valentin will do the Hot Chocolate for the evening.  

Finally, the altar will be set up in Niu Hall on Wednesday afternoon.  Children are asked to bring in labelled photos in frames of their relatives that have passed away, if desired, for the altar.

Thank you very much for your time and attention.  Please contact me if you any questions.

Gretchen Valentin