Morning Nursery

Application Checklist

Priority deadline is January 1 for the following school year.

Admissions Process

  • Group interview – Parents and children will be scheduled for a group interview of approximate 45 minutes on a Saturday in February, March or April. Early Childhood staff meet with parents to discuss the curriculum and media impact and have a Q&A session. At the same time, other Early Childhood staff will observe the children in a separate location during play and story time.
  • Individual interview - Individual parent interviews are scheduled the week after the group interview.
  • Admission Decision - After the individual interviews, Early Childhood staff will decide whether to accept, decline or wait-pool the applicant. The decision is based on the child’s physical and social readiness and the parents’ willingness to work with the principles of Waldorf education.
  • The Director of Admissions will inform the parent(s) of the admission decision by letter by April 15.
  • Mid-year applicants – Individual interviews will be scheduled consisting of the child visiting the class for one hour while the Early Childhood staff interviews the parent(s) separately. Mid-year transfers will be informed of the admission decision approximately one week following the individual visit.

Application Fee; $100.00 / International Application Fee; $150.00 Payable to the Honolulu Waldorf School
Payment accepted: Check, Cashiers Check, Wire Transfer or Credit Card*.
*If paying by credit card, please call the admissions director 808-377-5471 or email