Grades 9 - 12

Application Checklist

Priority deadline is January 1 for the following school year.

Admissions Process

Once a complete application has been received:

  • Interview – An interview with the parent(s), student and High School teachers is scheduled.
  • Three-day visit – After the individual interview, the student will be scheduled for a three-day visit during which his or her academic and social development is assessed. Please bring one or two examples of what you consider to be representative of the student’s best work. This can be essays, poetry, paintings, musical performances, science projects, handwork or crafts.
  • Admission Decision – After the class visit, the High School teachers will review all transcripts, records and accompanying documentation as well as the parent(s)’ willingness to work with the principles of Waldorf education and decide whether to accept, decline or wait-pool the applicant.
  • The Director of Admissions will inform the parent(s) of the admission decision by letter by March 15.
  • Mid-year applicants – Individual interviews will be scheduled consisting of the child’s three-day class visit and the separate parent/teacher interview. Mid-year transfers will be informed of the admission decision approximately one week following the class visit.

Application Fee; Payable to the Honolulu Waldorf School
Payment accepted: Check, Cashiers Check, Wire Transfer or Credit Card*.
*If paying by credit card, please call admissions 808-377-5471 or email: