Parent Testimonials

While our mission states what we strive to do, whether we are fulfilling our mission is best answered by our stakeholders -- the parents who have made the conscious choice to send their children to Honolulu Waldorf School. Below are a few parent endorsements that we hope will prompt you to take the first step in the admissions process at Honolulu Waldorf School: attend a monthly orientation/tour.

“Leaving our son at Honolulu Waldorf School every day gives us a strong feeling that everything is going to be just fine. Thanks to Waldorf education, we will live in a better world… and we are proud to know that our son will be part of it.”
—Rodrigo and Karina, HWS Early Childhood parents
“HWS teaches children to become self-reliant, beginning with one's own imagination,to making socks from a ball of yarn, to reciting pages of verse, to learning two foreign languages at the same time, to learning the myths and legends from all cultures and religions around the globe - and I believe this kind of self-reliance will help students navigate a rapidly changing future.”
—Tanja, HWS Grades parent
“By receiving this education, our children are learning a reverence for nature, community, and the Earth... Not only are they receiving strong academic teaching; they are also building their souls.”
—Steve and Annette, HWS High School parents
"I am very proud of my young ladies, but we cannot take all the credit for who they are.  Their experience at Waldorf has molded them into the young adults they have become and I will never regret the years spent in traffic, late night concerts or other events, or financial weight we've carried over the years.  I can think of no better investment for our money.  I wish every child had an opportunity to learn and grow in such an amazing environment."
--Mindy, former HWS parent