In The News
The Rose Ceremony marks the first day
The Rose Ceremony marks the first day of school when we all gather together to begin the year. The First Grade children are welcomed into the grade school with roses by the students of Grade 12.
Blacksmithing, KGMB Cool Schools
Segment on Blacksmithing with teacher Phil Dwyer and student interviews. Blacksmithing is part of the applied arts curriculum in our High School.
Circus Arts, KGMB
Interview with Daniel Stokes and Grade 6 students in action. Circus arts are part of the physical education curriculum at the Honolulu Waldorf School. Through activities like acrobatics and tumbling, children are encouraged to experience and gain an awareness of the space around them.
Medieval Games, Television Clip
As part of their study of Medieval History, Grades 6 students learn and hone skills in jousting, archery, and the circus arts that culminate in the Medieval Games event in May. Grade 6 students from other Hawai'i Waldorf Schools convene at Camp Erdman on O'ahu for two days of healthy competition, camaraderie, and confidence-building.