(All schools) must develop important intellectual capacities like logical thinking, judgment, art appreciation, creative ability, as well as physical fitness.
Albert Einstein, Physicist
The High School
Grades 9 Through 12
The Honolulu Waldorf High School continues what has begun in the earlier grades. Our curriculum provides a bridge that equips today's students with capacities for critical thinking, synthesis, and creativity.
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The Lower School
Grades 1 Through 5
Waldorf education is noted for the depth and breadth of its curriculum, which follows the developmental stages of childhood and mirrors the inner transformation of the child from year to year.
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Parent Child Program
The Parent Child program meets once a week and is an opportunity for young children and their parents or caregivers to experience the rhythms of a Waldorf Early Childhood morning.
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International Program
Waldorf, or Steiner education, is a worldwide educational movement. The international program provides grade 10 and 11 students with language immersion and cultural learning opportunities.
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The Middle School
Grades 6 Through 8
In the Middle School curriculum enhances students' reasoning capacities in their developmental transition from active do-ers and explorers to critical thinkers.
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Early Childhood
Morning Nursery – Kindergarten
The young child is an open and impressionable being whose vulnerability requires a loving, safe and nurturing environment. The Parent Child program, the Nursery and the Mixed Age Kindergarten are just such havens.
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Special Subjects
In addition to the main lessons with the primary teacher, students study with a variety of specialists in rotating topics. Special subjects teachers are recognized and skilled experts in their fields.
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Summer Program
The Summer at Waldorf program offers fun, hands-on, developmentally appropriate activities under the guidance of trained and enthusiastic staff.
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