The true aim of education is to awaken real powers of perception and judgment, in relation to life and living. For only such awakening can lead to true freedom.
Rudolf Steiner, Founder of Waldorf Education
Our Mission
At Honolulu Waldorf School we educate each child to find meaning, passion, and purpose in life and to contribute to the creation of a better world for all. Through a curriculum based on the developmental stages of the human being and on the integration of art and academics, our children learn to meet the world with clear and creative thinking, compassion and moral strength, and with the courage and freedom to act.
Guiding Ideals
The Honolulu Waldorf School’s mission guides our community—our ‘ohana of teachers, students, families, and friends —to meet the following ideals:
  • To be guided and inspired by Rudolf Steiner’s spiritual and educational insights, the basis of Waldorf Education, which affirm that the highest goal of education is human freedom.
  • To value and encourage the cultural, ethnic, religious, and socioeconomic diversity that invigorates our school community.
  • To inspire heart and soul connections between human beings, building first the connection between child and teacher that broadens into loving interaction in all the student’s relationships, and in the collaboration among the adults in the community to build a healthy social organization to support the education.
  • To rigorously undertake research and program assessment so that our students are able to develop intellectual flexibility, independent thinking, unquenchable curiosity, academic strength, and the love of learning that the future will demand of them.
  • To develop conscious engagement in stewardship of our unique island home and the global community through programs that place the natural world and the development of humanity before our students in an age-appropriate manner.